About Laura

Laura Tiffany is a follower of Christ, a wife to an amazing, Jesus-loving husband, a mother, and a writer. There was a time when she would have said that writing was her passion, but within the last decade it’s become more and more clear that her one and only passion is Jesus; it simply expresses itself in  different ways. She enjoys highlighting how God shows up in her every day life, drawing her ever closer to him even in the midst of struggle. Whether through fiction or nonfiction, her aim in writing is to spread the fame of his glorious name.

And this is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent (John 17:3).

Reader, may you ever be blessed in your knowledge of Him!


3 thoughts on “About Laura

  1. I am on a catholic campus and I have noticed that the Christians are lukewarm, like the church of Laodicea in Revelation. I have a lot of friends like that and have been praying for them, but you are different. You are “bananas for Christ”. There is an author you should check out : Leslie Ludy.
    Keep on the path that is straight and narrow!

    • Hi Julie! Thanks for reminding me of Leslie Ludy. I read “When God Write Your Love Story” a few years ago, or at least most of it, and loved it. I just checked our her site. THanks so much for the affirmation. God has really been doing a work in me these past few years, ever since I prayed for God to convince me of the gospel. I was a Christian at the time but after a Navigator summer training program (http://www.navigators.org/us/serve/navsummer/stp/) I realized I wasn’t really living out of the entire truth of the gospel. We had studied 2 Timothy and saw how much Paul’s eternal hope (the appearing of Christ and his going home) fueled the way he lived, and I was convicted of not really hoping in the life to come. I just wanted the best life I can have now. I just want to love Jesus, marry, and have a happy family, as if life is ever that simple. So 3 years later, I’m finally starting (key word: STARTING) to get it. I’m glad you’ve found this blog helpful, and I pray you are encouraged to endure the difficulty of living for Jesus on a lukewarm campus. God is eager to sustain your faith. He has promised to guard it until that special day when you see him face to face. 🙂

  2. I too get bogged down by the “Christian to-do-list” and find myself heart being to please man rather than to glorify God. I can really, really identify with that! I am on my way to becoming a youth pastor and don’t want my time in ministry to be a selfish one. This was really encouraging! I am very grateful.

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